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2024 Southeast Shorebird Festival

March 25-30, 2024

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Scarlet Sky & Blue Blood Movie Premiere

The Sandcastle, Kiawah Island SC


Join the Kiawah Conservancy at the Sandcastle on Monday, March 25 at 10 am for coffee, tea, and brunch bites for the premiere showing of Benjamin Clock's full-length documentary, Scarlet Sky and Blue Blood: Conservation of the Red Knot and Horseshoe Crab in the Southeastern US, as we hear stories of biologists studying long-distance migrant shorebirds.


Impoundment Trailer Ride

Santee Coastal Reserve, McClellanville SC


Join Felicia Sanders, SCDNR biologist and Coastal Bird Program Coordinator, for a guided trailer ride on the impoundments of the Upper Coastal Waterfowl Project for a chance to observe a wide variety of water birds, including shorebirds, ducks, and various wading birds taking advantage of these bountiful feeding habitats. 


Motus Tower Rooftop Talk

Fort Moultrie, Sullivans Island SC


$10 entry fee into the park

Come learn about the amazing world of the Motus Wildlife Tracking System with Jennifer Tyrrell from Audubon South Carolina and Garrett Rhyne from the American Bird Conservancy! This casual talk will be held at Fort Moultrie's very own motus tower where you will get the chance to observe the different elements that make tracking possible, learn about tower installation and their extensive networks, and see how the technology contributes to shorebird (and other avian species!) research. 


International Shorebird Survey: Tybee Island North Beach

Polk Street Parking Area, Tybee Island GA


With trip leader, Diana Churchill from Ogeechee Audubon, we will set out on the north end of Tybee Island GA to collect data for an International Shorebird Survey. This is an opportunity to learn about various species of shorebirds visiting the Southeastern coast of the US and contribute to data that helps protect shorebirds along their migration routes. Trip rigor moderate with 2 miles of walking on loose sand. Learn more about Ogeechee Audubon

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Shorebird Table Talk

Beach Club, Fripp Island SC 


Note: only accessible to Fripp Island Residents & their guests

Visit with Fripp Island Bird and Nature Lovers to learn about the many species that call Fripp island home for nesting and for resting areas. Fripp Island Audubon Club members will provide information to beachgoers through printed materials at an interactive table set-up and host viewing sessions throughout the day on Wednesday and Friday. 


Low Tide Marsh Relic Walk

Botany Bay WMA, Edisto Island SC

1:30pm- 4:00pm

Come learn about the important role that marsh relics and pluff mud habitat plays for shorebirds with SCDNR coastal bird biologist, Janet Thibault. You will get to observe various species of shorebirds feeding on these habitats and learn more about each of their life history and exactly what they are looking for as they dig in these exposed areas at low tide. 


Birds in Art Reception

Edisto Fine Art & Edisto Art Gallery

805 Oyster Park Drive, Edisto Island SC

3:00pm- 6:00pm

Take in the beauty of birds through different art mediums for this reception specifically focused on shorebird paintings. Participants are invited to visit the art gallery and mingle amongst other bird lovers surrounded by beautiful art pieces to keep the festival celebration going indoors! 

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Bird Walk at St Simon's East Beach

Coast Guard Beach Access ramp, St Simmons Island GA 


As part of this festival, join Coastal Georgia Audubon and Manomet to check out what shorebirds are using the beach on St Simons Island on Thursday, March 28 from 5:30-6:30! We will meet at the Coast Guard Beach Access ramp and walk about a mile down the beach to Gould’s Inlet. This will be a low tide walk, so we will get the chance to observe some feeding behaviors as birds are spread across the sand bars and mud flats feeding. There’s also a possibility that we can spot some Wilson’s Plovers, and depending on food resources, we might see Red Knots, as well!


Bird Photography & Naturalist Walk

Beachwalker County Park, Kiawah Island SC


Join professional wildlife photographer and Charleston County Parks naturalist Kristina Wheeler for this walk along the beach. Colin will share his tips for taking the best possible bird photos while Kristina will be on hand to ID the birds you're photographing and point out the different behaviors that make each of them unique! Notably, you may get to observe and photograph the flocks of red knots that are known to use the island this time of year, on their northward migration. 


Otter Island Birding Tour

Michael D. Mckenzie Field Station in Bennetts Point SC


Join us for a birding tour on Otter Island in beautiful Colleton County, South Carolina! Come experience a remote island deep in the ACE Basin home to around 280 species of birds. The trip includes a ~30 minute boat ride each way to the island and a beach walk along the uninhabited shores of Otter Island. 

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Meet Your Neighbors:

Shorebirds & Seabirds of Tybee Island

Tybee Island Marine Science Center GA (front ramp)

6pm & on

$25 registration fee, $15 for members

Tybee Island is no stranger to hosting out-of-town visitors, families, residents and vacationers in need of a relaxing time on the beach- but tonight, we will introduce you to those individuals who sport feathers! Did you know that some shorebirds fly thousands of miles, non-stop, to get to our island?

Join Allie Hayser, shorebird biologist for Manomet’s Georgia Bight Shorebird Conservation Initiative, to learn about the remarkable shorebirds and seabirds that share our beaches. Learn about why Tybee is such an important place for these birds year-round, including migrant species on their incredible journeys, and birds that are going to be nesting soon.


Bear Island Birding Tour

Check in Station on Bear Island WMA SC


Free registration

Join us in celebration of the Southeast Shorebird Festival for a birding tour at the beautiful Bear Island Wildlife Management Area in Colleton County. Get ready to explore the diverse species of birds which utilize these coastal habitats. Our tour guides will lead you on a trailer tour through the impoundments and upland forests of Bear Island. Don't miss this opportunity to connect with nature and witness some amazing feathered friends!

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Saltwater Marsh Bird Watching & Eco Excursion

Murrells Inlet SC


$32 registration fee

Organized in partnership with the Carolina's Nature Photographers Association, this 2-hour boat ride tour will travel the tranquil waters of Murrells Inlet and its estuary marsh habitat. The tour will specifically feature bird watching and wildlife viewing opportunities for photographers and outdoors enthusiasts alike, all under the guidance of an onboard naturalist through Visit Murells Inlet. 

Be sure to pick the "bird watching eco tour" cruise offered on 3/30.

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